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Richard Honig, M.D., Chair

The Progression Committee is a standing committee of the Education Committee. Its functions are to oversee, support and assess the candidates’ progression through analytic training. Candidates are assigned a Progression representative who is their resource for advice regarding their progress as well as their representative on the Progression committee regarding training issues and any problems that arise. This representative also co-ordinates the assessment process of the candidate and is available to discuss feedback provided by faculty who teach the student. The representative meets at least yearly with the candidate to discuss the faculty feedback and to consider the next steps in their training including the timing of taking on cases, moving forward with classes and, eventually, graduation. The committee as a whole meets regularly to discuss progression procedures as well as to monitor the progress of each candidate and to oversee decisions about the timing of the various stages of his or her training. The committee then reports to the Education Committee which reviews its recommendations for ratification.


Progression Committee

Richard Honig, M.D., Chair

Benjamin Addleson, Ph.D

Christine Burbank, MSW

Marie Rudden, M.D.

Susan Sherkow, M.D.